#woodhoygang || Brand Ambassador for WOODHOY

WOODHOY is looking for outgoing and motivated individuals to join our #woodhoygang Brand Ambassador program! You will have a direct impact helping our planet by reducing pollution by plastic, and our Rainforest by supporting Cool Earth.

Contact us or email us at to apply NOW!


  • Free & Discounted sunglasses for you
  • Cash on every sale you drive
  • Your profile is published on our website and Social media
  • Support the Rainforest communities

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 woodhoy wooden sunglasses

The FifthGuys - MUSIC BAND

Location: Italy

Fav frames: Moselli

About: Giacomo and Stefano grew up in Alessandria, Italy where they met in high school and formed a friendship over their love and passion for music. Creating new future bass/trap sounds using guitar, bass, piano, with electronic synths, they decided to band together and to create The FifthGuys. With an impressive growth, The FifthGuys reached more than 1 million total streams, thanks to international collaborations with Tommy Rage, 5how (ft. Aaron Taylor), Juicy M, Angemi and more.

Follow The FifthGuys, Giacomo and Stefano: INSTAGRAM: @the_fifthguys ^ INSTAGRAM: @trustnopave ^ INSTAGRAM: @steppan_5g

 woodhoy brand ambassador


Location: Italy

Fav frames: Aurora

About: I'm Ilaria and I'm a 18yo student from Italy! I love singing and wearing sunglasses. Follow me to discover what I'm up to :-)

Follow Irene: INSTAGRAM: @irenedoglioli

 woodhoy brand ambassador


Location: Australia

Fav frames: Divin Codino

About: Hi, I live in Sydney where I work as an IT engineer. During my spare time, I like riding my motorbike, playing soccer... and wearing WOODHOY sunglasses! Feel free to follow me to see my pics!

Follow Mau: INSTAGRAM: @mcunaz

 woodhoy brand ambassador


Location: Spain

Fav frames: Canaglia

About: Hola, I'm a Spanish model and singer. I live in Cadiz, in Andalucia, and love music and acting! I love the WOODHOY brand for what they stand for and I'm thrilled to being accepted as one of their Ambassadors!

Follow Borja: INSTAGRAM: @bvrjaprieto7

 wooden sunglasses woodhoy

The Quintessential Abyss - SCENIC BLOGGERS

Location: Australia

Fav frames: Canaglia

About: Australian blogger team, we enjoy scenic photography, showing of fashion styles and sharing brands we admire WOODHOY being one of them. Follow us and check out our scenes, styles and brands.

Follow The Quintessential Abyss: INSTAGRAM: @theqafh

 wooden sunglasses woodhoy

Lisa - Dental Assistant and Wedding Officiant

Location: Hawaii, USA

Fav frames: Rosa Rossa

About: Aloha, my name is Lisa. I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Besides being a Brand Ambassador, I'm a very busy mother, wife, dental assistant, and a Wedding Officiant. I'm captivated by others and who inspires! I love the shape, style, and and color of my WOODHOY Rosa Rossa. It's always great to try on different types of styles.
"Always Laugh Louder than your Smile".

Follow Lisa: INSTAGRAM: @catchapiro

 wooden sunglasses woodhoy

Beatrice - Graphic Designer

Location: Haiti

Fav frames: Divin Codino

About: Hello, my name is Beatrice Celestin, I'm an Artist and Graphic Designer and a Fitness enthusiasts looking forward to compete for the first time soon.
I love sunglasses and Woodhoy's models are really Attractive. I really like the Divin Codino
.Follow me to discover more about me: @beatrice.celestin

Follow Beatrice: INSTAGRAM: @beatrice.celestin