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We are different from any other

Our sunglasses are carefully handcrafted and that's why no two pairs look exactly the same: every time you wear a WOODHOY you become a limited edition human being.

All the woods that we use are premium and sustainably sourced, free from any toxic elements: we support a world where less polluting plastic is used. Because they are made of wood, our sunglasses are 30% lighter than plastic ones, giving you that comfy feather feeling when you wear them.

The good news is: thanks to WOODHOY, sustainability has never been more fashionable.
All our eyewear comes with durable comfort spring-loaded hinges and high quality lenses which are CE and FDA approved, UV400 (100% UVA/UVB protective) and polarized. Rest assured: these are top of the market standards.

wooden sunglasses


Our sunglasses hide a multicultural soul: the creative brain stems out of Italy, the home of Fashion, while the heart of the brand sits in Australia (after all, what's more sunny than that?!).

wooden sunglasses
We source only the finest woods from South East Asia and North America, the two regions on this planet which grow the highest volume of sustainable woods.
We are truly a global brand.

wooden sunglasses


We are extremely proud of our association with Cool Earth, the non-profit organization that works alongside Rainforest Communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. Each pair of WOODHOY that you wear, will support real projects that change the fate of at-risk Rainforest and the lives of Cool Earth Rainforest Partners.

We love our sunglasses, we love our planet. 

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On top of the standard manufacturer warranty, we offer an additional crazy one on our stuff which covers wear and tear: we call it 'No Worries'!
Head to Our Warranties page for more info.

wooden sunglasses