Why should you go wood?

Wooden sunglasses are beginning to take over the world of fashion. With plastic pollution being such an issue for wildlife and public health, whenever you go for an alternative to plastic… that’s you saving the world!

This also applies to eyewear.

The Plastic Disease

On planet Earth, we already have far too much plastic to the point that the estimates put the concentration of plastic in the oceans higher than the one of fish! Fish are now ingesting microplastics which indirectly find their way to our meals when we eat any derivatives of marine life.

This should be enough to make us aware that we need as many alternatives to plastic as possible in as many areas of our life as possible!

For both men and women, wooden sunglasses are your very classy and beautiful solution. A good look and feel of a pair of wooden shades will help you to understand how simple it is for wood to transform boring looking plastic sunglasses into a special thing.

Wooden sunglasses just make you look cool while ensuring that you’re not overstated.

When it comes to elegance, YOU should be the focus and not the sunglasses, and that’s what wooden eyewear does for you.

wooden sunglasses

Why you should choose wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses are very light and warm in contrast to plastic sunglasses. They are comfortable and more appreciated by sunglasses fashionistas. Unlike plastic frames which are generic, wood is unique and makes any pair of shades look special.

Wood can be renewed and does far less harm to our ecosystem than plastic. The treatment that wooden frames go through ensures that your skin doesn’t get irritated.

Most wooden sunglasses are handmade and are the result of a fusion of time, effort, and skills which results in premium quality.

Wearing your wooden sunglasses

Wooden frames do not need any special attention or care as they are far stronger than frames built from other materials, such as plastic. With similarity to metal glass frames, they are at risk of being damaged if they hit the floor or have excessive force used on them. Just be careful, my friend!

Get the best wooden sunglasses from WOODHOY

WOODHOY is a renowned wooden sunglasses brand with a mission to fuse Italian fashion with premium products which are environmentally friendly. Sunglasses from WOODHOY are handcrafted by expert artisans who use only high-quality woods. We ensure that the finest of Asian and North American woods are used and that each pair of wooden sunglasses is a Limited Edition.

When you purchase wooden sunglasses from WOODHOY, you support nature. Shopping with us is the best way to own trendy and eco-friendlysunglasses which are highly superior to metal or plastic frames… Those are just owned by everybody!

At WOODHOY, we focus on taking wood and converting it into a truly fashionable masterpiece to give you that exclusive look.

We value our clients so much that all our wooden sunglasses are covered with our special ‘No Worries’ guarantee: a unique wear and tear warranty that applies to all our frames.

When it comes to eyewear fashion, choose Nature. Choose WOODHOY.

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